By | July 6, 2017

Subject of Complaint :maintainanc

Company / Product Name:yummies

State :Maharashtra

Complaint Details :Sir I’m d owner of shop moms mini mart in goa for the past many days I have been complaining that my refrigerator is making excessiveive noise finally a technician was sent today as he was working on d system the compressor gas line got raptured as a result the system had to b shut.i was told by the tecniian the problem would b rectified by evening 4pm on further waiting for this man I tried to contact Mr amol of yummies for cont number of maintaince c/0 on contacting the maintainance manager I was shocked to hear that my job would not b done today cause I had of perishable items in d freezer an the tone and arrogance shown by the above person made me feel he as if . …….continue

Name :oden
Mobile no :9923750303
Email address :oden4u@yahoo.com

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